The Trust and  Governors support the vision and aims of the school. We meet regularly to see how things are going in school. We are also involved in long term planning, looking especially at the curriculum, finance maintaining the buildings and ensure we have the best possible staff to help everyone learn to their full potential.

We are not involved in day-to-day decisions, but try to take an overview of the development of Croxteth Community Primary School, acting as critical but supportive friends.

Board members:

Henry Mooney (Chair)

Chad Thompson (Vice Chair)

Fr Richard Peers

Frank Maguire

Dave Cadwallader



Jonathan Nichols (CEO/Executive Head)

Dave Cadwallader

Lorraine Partington

Garry White

Jon Everard

Robert Wyn-Jones

Rajdeep Dosanjh

Laura Curran

Sara Ngenda

Nichola James


Please look at the website to find out more:


REMAT Scheme of Delegation