To help our visitors to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily we have made use of several accessibility features, all of which are listed below:

Printer Friendly

The website is much cleaner, focusing more on the content on each page. This should make it easier and cleaner to print webpages.

Images and Alt Tags

Wherever possible, images that have been used within the website, “Alt” tags have been used. This will show descriptions of what the image is, incase an image does not load, image options are switched off in your browser or you are using a screen reader.

Browser Compatibility

This site has been tested with all modern browsers, including mobile and tablet.

Effort has been made to ensure old/obsolete versions of these browsers should continue to be compatible, however we strongly recommend you upgrade your browser. If you notice any errors or anomalies with our website, please take a screenshot and report the issue to the webmaster


Throughout the site we have tried to keep the navigation consistent.