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Reading & Phonics

The Day the Marks Made Sense

From a poem by Imtiaz Dharker

When my fingers pushed at the marks
jumbled on a page and stumbled
on the word g i r l, when I found
that every scratch had its own sound
I said it in Scottish,
That was just the start.
Words made stories that flew out of books.
Buses had routes and I could read them.
Signs spoke to me as if they had voices...

At Croxteth Community Primary School we believe that reading well is an essential life skill and a joy for life. All children are encouraged to love a wide variety of material: books, newspapers, magazines and online content. A love of reading is shared and promoted by all our staff.

Reading at Croxteth Community Primary School

Learning to read is a complex process that forms an essential skill for our children’s life chances. Each individual child will take their own path in learning to read and they are therefore best guided by providing them with a wide range of strategies.

Reading requires the integration of several strategies:

Meaning: this relies on us having an understanding of the world around us so that we can have certain expectations from text. Looking at illustrations, titles etc will put certain ideas in our head that will help us get meaning from the text.

Structure: this is about how sentences are put together, grammar and syntax. This is where children will get help from making their reading ‘sound right’ e.g. a child reading ‘I have collected in all the book.’ would hopefully look again at the word they had read as book, because it didn’t sound ‘quite right’.

Visual: This is about the way text looks to a reader. At an early level or on unknown words a reader will use their phonic knowledge to help decode a word. As the reader becomes more proficient they will build up a bank of known words that they will simply read on site because of the way the words look.

When We Read
At Croxteth Community Primary School reading is taught daily. Children are taught to read through guided reading sessions with their teachers. Classroom assistants take some individual children for the ‘Successful Reading’ intervention and we have two teachers who do Reading Recovery with individual children. Children also read throughout the day in as many situations as possible, not just in reading lessons. Reading takes place in lots of other lessons using topic texts research books and online content.

What We Read
We use a variety of reading scheme texts, although our main scheme is Oxford Reading Tree together with non –scheme books. These books are chosen to engage boys and girls and their interests. Our books are organised by Book Bands up to Sapphire - level 15 (Lime being level 11.)

Books are sent home weekly or when a longer book is finished for more able readers. We also have a link to free online levelled texts on our web site.

Phonics at Croxteth Community Primary School

At Croxteth Community Primary School we teach daily, discreet phonics sessions from FS1 to Year 2, and where appropriate in other year groups. We follow the Letters and Sounds scheme which is tailored to the needs of individuals and groups of children. Learning is multi-sensory.

The children are teacher assessed half Termly and move from group to group accordingly.

If you want to know more about the different phases in letters & sound, click here:

Year one children are formally assessed on their phonics by an unseen government test which uses words and ‘non-words’ to decode using their phonics knowledge only. Children who do not reach required standards are retested in Year 2. Results are reported to parents.

Reading at Home

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