British Values

In June 2014, David Cameron emphasised the important role that British values can play in education. Further, how well a school promotes such values is an aspect of Ofsted's inspection.

The Department for Education have said "Keeping our children safe and ensuring schools prepare them for life in modern Britain could not be more important."

The British values are;

At Croxteth Community Primary School we actively promote these values in the following ways through our policies, Code of Conduct, Anti-Bullying, Anti-Racism and equal opportunities at work. In our Curriculum, Assemblies and collective worship we teach respect for all, right and wrong, keeping safe, keeping the law, and difference. In our R.E. work we teach about other faiths and law to respect all. Our work on spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is reposted regularly to governors and all staff are aware of our ethos.

The election of the School Council members reflects our British electoral system and demonstrates democracy, in action: pupils made speeches, pupils consider characteristics important for an elected representative, pupils vote using ballot boxes. Made up of two representatives from each class, the School Council meets regularly to discuss issues raised by different classes.

Our curriculum addresses issues raised in the global community and encourages thinking, reflection, debate and discussion.

Modern British Values Experience Map

Promotion of Democracy Promotion of Rule of Law (British
Law Values)
Promotion of Individual Liberty, Tolerance and Respect of other beliefs
•  Topic - open debates.
•  P4C - focus on critical & open speaking and listening.
•  Voting for area/job monitors.
•  Y1 & Y2 join School Council.
•  Rewards / Reflection.
•  Promotion of a collective responsibility.
•  Crime Scene - topic starters.
•  School Assemblies.
•  Class Rules.
•  School Rules.
•  Links with local community.
•  The Global Community.
•  P4C.
•  PSHE.
•  e-Safety.
•  Our wants & needs - rights.
•  Anti-Bullying & Anti-Racism.
•  Different Cultures - promotion of One World.
•  Trust & Relationship games.
•  It’s OK to make mistakes - GRIT.
•  Children involved in school council.
•  Class monitors.
•  Eco Council.
•  Schools Parliament.
•  Rights of Child.
•  Global Rights.
•  Local Councillor to talk.
•  P4C – enquiries
•  School Assemblies.
•  Class Rules.
•  School Rules.
•  Behaviour Policy.
•  Reflect, Repair, Rebuild.
•  P4C enquiry.
•  Fire Safety.
•  Emergency Services.
•  Anti-Bullying & Anti-Racism.
•  British Law system debates.
•  Local police talk to children.
•  The Global community.
•  PSHE.
•  RE & Values of different faiths.
•  Examples of respectful behaviour.
•  Anti-Bullying & Anti-Racism.
•  Similarities and Differences,Personal & self esteem.
•  P4C enquiries.
•  Adults we know and trust.
•  It’s OK to make mistakes - GRIT.
•  Invite Local MP/Councillor in.
•  Topic debates based on curriculum themes.
•  EU debates.
•  School’s Parliament.
•  Rights & Responsibilities
•  The role of the local council.
•  Illegal drug use.
•  ‘Eyes Open’ workshop.
•  Gangs Workshop.
•  ‘Play in a Day’ Konflux theatre,School Assemblies.
•  Study of ‘How Parliament works’.
•  Guilt and Blame.
•  P4C enquiry.
•  Values.
•  EAL.
•  Focus Weeks e.g Friendship.
•  Topic - European Languages.
•  Food Festival.
•  Visit to Synagogue/Mosque.
•  Multicultural Dance.
•  PSHE e.g. Rights and Respect.
•  Cyber Bullying.
•  Keeping Safe.
•  Community Fundraising.
•  P4C Enquiry.
•  It’s OK to make mistakes - GRIT.

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