Art Week

Children from our whole school had to create art to be displayed around our school for our school's Art Week. Our theme for Art Week was printing. We used different materials and different types of inks and paints to transfer a pattern. We used different methods to create patterns, from polystyrene foam, potatoes and rubber stamps.

Each Phase followed the same principles of the theme, but how they used their end materials and patterns is what makes them unique.

Phase 1 & 2 Process:

You can see their great artwork below!

Phase 3 Process:

Welcome Signs

Our children created wall mounted welcome signs using mosaic designs, for use in our reception area. Each sign is a different language, meaning "Hello" or "Welcome".

Ancient Egypt

Our children created Ancient Egyptian inspired art, which is one of the first things visitors will see when entering our school through the reception.

The Rainbow Fish

Leapfrog created rainbow fish, creating their own aquarium outside the Leapfrog Room. They used different materials to decorate their fish, all unique in their scales!

Picasso 3D Models

The children from Year 6 discovered that Picasso was not only a painter but a sculptor, printmaker , ceramist and stage designer. He experimented with many different styles of painting. Picasso was one of the founders of cubism.

Our sculptures reflect the work of Picasso. We created our own Picasso portraits using

We used wire, wool, buttons and paint to create 3D sculptures in the style of Picasso. Here is our work.

Year 6
  • Kevin – “I enjoyed it because we’ve been able to experience a new style of Art.”
  • Molly – “I enjoyed bending the wire to create the correct shapes.”

Henry VIII - Picasso

The children from Year 5-6 developed their painting skills by looking at the work of Picasso. They painted pictures of Henry VIII in a style famous of Picasso.

Year 3
  • Erin – “We created penguins in the style of Picasso. We used collage and got really messy. It was loads of fun!”
Year 3-4
  • Darcie – “I thought Picasso was good to learn about because he used colours to represent different feelings. We learnt about layering, overlapping, tearing and scrunching."
Year 4-5
  • Paris – “We got to do art everyday which was really fun and interesting.”
  • Carl - “We learnt new skills – collage, tearing, ripping and scrunching.”
Year 5-6
  • Reg – “I enjoyed using different types of paints and paint brushes. I’d be sad if you had another Art week next year because we won’t be here. It will feel like we’re missing something important.”
  • Jamie – “We enjoyed using acrylic. Wed never used it before.”

Keystage 1

Here are some things the children had to say about Art Week!

Year 1
  • Brooke – “Picasso was born in spain in 1881."
  • Brooke - “We’re brilliant at Art. I think our class is better at Art than Picasso!”
  • Joseph – “We did artwork about Picasso. We did our own work like his. We used lines with different colours.”
Year 1-2
  • Bobby – “I liked putting together all the different materials to make a face”
  • Deacon – “I’d never sewn before. That was new for me.”
Year 2
  • Olivia – “It was really fun to do all different kinds of Art. I think we should do it all again next year!”
  • Carmyne – “It was really interesting to look at the rest of the schools Artwork.”
  • Carmyne – “I learnt how to tie a knot and layer up different materials”.