WEEE Children

Year 5-6 have created WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) children using recyclable materials such as light bulbs and cardboard boxes.

Weather Forecast 2097

As part of our work on Keen to be Green, Year 5/6 had to produce a weather forecast for the year 2097. They had to look at weather data for the past 100 years to assist them in coming to a conclusion about weather in the future.

Performance Poetry

Year 5/6 enjoyed reading, writing and performing poetry.


Year 5/6 had to work in a team to produce an interesting menu for a cafe. They had to discuss the different jobs that would be involved, for example, creating a basket, financing, menu designing. They had to think about offers that would draw customers in, keeping to a budget, keeping their menu healthy and how to present their ideas at the end.