Christmas Cookies

The children in Y4-5 have been baking christmas cookies, then decorating them with different coloured icing and edible treats.

Christmas Willow Reefs

Year 4-5 have been creating Christmas themed Reefs, using Willow as the building frame. They then decorated their reefs using pom-poms and glitter pipe-cleaners.

Invaders & Settlers

Our Year 4/5 class has been learning all about the Roman Empire. First the children learned the history of Rome by making a timeline. The children also learned about Roman Numerals and completed sums with their use. Later they designed Roman Legionary Soldier helmets, after learning about their daily routines.

After the design and development stage, they made their helmets out of Modrock Plaster of Paris bandages, later colouring and designing it to their original idea.