The Romans

We have being learning about the Romans. We visited the Grosvenor museum in Chester. We explored different Roman artefacts. We had the chance to sort materials like archaeologists, see how the Roman baths worked, we made symmetrical tile patterns and grounded herbs and spices in a Roman kitchen. We marched around Chester like real Roman soldiers and practised some Roman army formations.

We learnt marching orders in Latin, SIN, SIN, SIN, DEX SIN.

It was very hard work being a Roman soldier and our arms hurt from carrying our shields. We had a fantastic day!

We have learned about the legend Romulus and Remus. Did you know that Romulus killed his brother Remus and became the first King of Rome?

Design & Technology

In Design and Technology we have made our own Roman helmets. First we looked at real Roman helmets and the materials they were made from. Next we designed our own helmet and labelled it with the materials we would be using.

We used mod-roc and decorated our helmets by following our original designs.