Alt Meadows Tree Planting

Year 2 took part in planting trees at Alt Meadow's park. If you would like to learn some more about Alt Meadow's park, you can read and view the presentation from our school's eco council.

Great Fire Of London

Year 2 have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. We have been busy bees working on our Art skills!

First we mixed yellow and red to make orange, then layered different colours to make the hot glow of the fire. Next we cut out houses from black card to create silhouettes.

Then we tore, crumpled, folded and ripped paper to create flames of the fire.


With a partner, we followed the instructions to make Christmas biscuits. The last one was to eat them! They were yummy! We then followed instructions to wrap a Christmas present. Then we wrote the instructions into our Literacy book.
We included:

  • •  A title
  • •  A list of what we will need, including commas
  • •  What to do
  • •  Time connectives such as – first, then, next, after that and finally...

We also had our own Christmas Party!

Fur, Feather, Scales and Skin

We used books and the Internet to find out all information we could about sharks. We put all of what we learned together to make these posters.

Animal Groups - Tortoise

In Year 2 we have been learning about animal groups: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. We had an exciting visitor in class, Xeno the tortoise! He is a reptile. We looked at his dry, scaly skin and how he moved. We asked questions about what he ate and where he lived then we wrote about him. Thank you to Miss Dover for bringing him into our class.