Rivington Pike

In Year 5 and Year 6, we have been looking closely at Urban and Rural locations in the UK. We have completed a comparative study of Rivington Pike and Croxteth.

Rivington Pike is located in the North West close to Bolton, the River Douglas and is a hill summit on Winter Hill, part of West Pennie Moor. We explored Rivington Pike’s locality, physical and human features, human activity and housing within the area.

During our trip to Rivington Pike we surveyed the local area and hiked to the top of the hill summit. At this point we were 363 metres above sea level and the picturesque view of the surrounding landscape was worth the perseverance to reach the top. Also, we surveyed the level of traffic and discussed with visitors to Rivington their reasons for being there.

Liverpool Artwork

Our children decorated the iconic Liverpool skyline using colourful patterns.

Our children in Year 6 have been working on art work inspired by Liverpool. From it's iconic buildings, music, celebrities and culture.