At Croxteth Community Primary School our Leapfrog Room provides an environment of home like warmth, comfort and security, where children work on a curriculum tailored to their specific needs. It is based on the principles of Nurture where:

In the Leapfrog Room, teaching and learning activities are designed to support the work that children are doing in their classroom, as well as offering opportunities to broaden experiences in a range of skills. Children who lack confidence in themselves or who may need extra help to settle, listen, concentrate, share or make friends, will work with staff who are trained to meet their needs; who will model positive relationships and encourage the development of language and communication skills.

Our Leapfrog Room door is always open and staff welcome visits from parents and carers. In partnership with you we can better understand your child’s needs; discuss their progress and celebrate their successes.

Leapfrog Aquarium

As part of our topic Pets, the children from Leapfrog got to visit the Blue Planet Aquarium. The children were able to make observations and talk about what they had seen.

The children learned some facts about the sea creatures and shared this during their circle time.

Autumn Life

Autumn Crafts

We have been busy in Leapfrog making lovely Autumn Crafts.

Autumn Food

We have had nice warming Autumn food and drink in Leapfrog; Tomato soup, beans on toast and hot chocolate... mmmmm.


As part of our Leapfrog topic on pets and in response to a child's comment, "You can't have a horse as a pet!", the children visited Pinto and Jack at their stable. They were able to identify lots of equipment and were able to groom, feed and ride jack.

Here are some of the children's comments about their experience.