We have voted in our new Eco Council and the new members are all excited about the year’s upcoming activities.

Gillmoss Recycling & Discovery Centre

On Monday 6th March, our Eco-Council and School Council visited the Gillmoss Recycling & Discovery Centre.

We learned all about recycling at the centre and had a guided tour.

However, the purpose of our visit was to make lanterns out of recyclable materials. The lanterns will be used soon at the opening of the path to Dam Woods on 25th March.

Here are some photographs taken throughout our day.

We also hosted an assembly for the rest of the school to show them what we learned.

Willow Circle

Our main activity this year will be to change our willow circle. It is not used very much and we will be thinking of how we can change it, so that it becomes a place people want to be in, and use more.

Take a look at these photos of the willow circle, what do you think we could use it for? Let us know!

On Friday the 9th December, we had decided as a council to remove the willow circle and free the space. Here are some photographs of us removing it!

Eco Champion Awards 2016


In March of this year the Eco and School council visited the Southport Eco Centre to find out about global warming and sustainable energy use. We had a wonderful day with everyone enjoying the learning. To find out more, see our report lower down on this web page.

Following the trip in March, school received a wonderful Email from the Eco Centre in April to inform us that the group of children who spent the day there had been chosen as the MOST INSPIRATIONAL class of the WHOLE YEAR to visit the centre due to their hard working attitude and enthusiasm.

We were very proud, but not terribly surprised as we know how wonderful our children were.

We were asked to keep the award a secret from the children. They had been asked to perform the assembly they had put together to share their day with the whole school, so we used this as the reason for going to the Award Ceremony at The Ramada Hotel in Southport.

On Wednesday 6th July the children performed their assembly to an audience of several hundred people with only a morning to practice it. They did very well and were presented with a lovely glass shield and certificate by last year’s Eco Champion of the year. On leaving the hotel each child was given an ‘Eco goody bag’ to take home with them.

Wildflower & Pea Seed Planting

The Eco Council Planted wildflower seeds around the outside of the wooden fence near our school orchard.

We have done this to give food to the threatened bee population as part of the national Bee Cause campaign, we were given the seeds by ‘Friends of the Earth’.

We also planted some pea seeds in one of our indoor courtyards. We hope to be eating fresh peas later in the summer! We were given the seeds by the WWF as part of their ‘Plant2Plate’ campaign.

Wildflowers At Alt Meadows

The Eco Council planted some wildflower seeds at the side of the path through Alt Meadows. We walked there from school on a lovely hot day. We met Julie and Steve from the Cass Foundation there. They had the seeds and the tools.

The ground where we were going to sow the seeds was very hard, so we had to break it up with forks and rakes. We then spread the tiny seeds and raked loose soil back over them.

We can’t wait to see what they look like. We were told they would be looking good in August.

Julie gave us some leaflets that told us the varieties of flowers we had sown. Here is a link to the types of flowers we are expecting:

We hope the flowers will brighten up the area and help provide habitats for insects including bees.

Southport Eco Centre 2016

Our School Council and our Eco Council visit the Southport Eco Centre on Tuesday 9th March.


You can download a copy of our PowerPoint presentation that we used in our Eco Council Assembly.

Mosaics for Alt Meadows

We had two artists Mike Walker & Anrea Ku visit our school, they helped us design mosaic's for use in the new development at Alt Meadows.

Mike returned 2 weeks later with a finished design ready for us to stick the mosaic tiles on. Cutting the little tiles was very hard! Mike will finish the rest of our mosaic in his studio.

Carrot Planting

Creating cool Crocky carrots FROM THIS...

to this!

Our Eco Council gave carrots seeds to every child in school from Reception to Year 6, at the end of the Summer Term, to grow at home.

Here are our first home grown carrots! They look great!

The Eco Council planted their own carrots (see our video below) and the photo above is their crop... yummy!

Watch our Eco Council plant their own carrots and give you instructions on how to the same at home!

The second video is created by B&Q, and they show you in more detail how to plant your own carrots at home.

Wild Flowers

The Eco Council planted hundreds of wildflower seeds in three of our playground planters. We were given 2 kits from Kew Gardens with seed packets, bee houses and instructions in.

First we had to get rid of all the weeds that had grown in the planters. When we had done this we had to break up the soil and even it out. When the soil was flattened out we sprinkled the seeds and watered them.

We put signs in to let everyone know that we had planted the seeds. We hope that the seeds grow into plants that will attract lots of insects, as well as being lovely to look at.

River Alt Park

The park was officially named "Alt Meadows"

On 13th June 2014 we were invited to walk around a very interesting development in our community. The wasteland between Parkstile Lane and the East Lancs Road is bing turned into a park for the whole community to enjoy. You can download all the images in this gallery as a PDF below.

Tree Planting

On Friday 16th January 2015, the Eco Council went out of onto our school yard to plant some trees. We had a selection of 5 types of trees, some where tall, some where small and some where spiky. We planted them with the help of Mr. Gardner, a landscape gardener called Steve, and Julie from the CAS foundation, who are currently working on the new River alt park. We were amazed to see that the roots of the willow trees had come out from the draining holes and had tangled, which meant we had to cut the pot off!

We had a brilliant time planting our trees, although we got awfully muddy. We all liked the thought that we may come back in twenty years and say "I planted that massive tree!"

Written by Lola

School Tour

This is an old video featuring some pupils who have moved onto secondary education, but it was a tour of the Environmentally friendly things we have in our school. From our school playground equipment, our solar panels providing our electricity and our underground heating keeping our school warm.

Eco Games

Play these Future Car maker and Water quiz games which were designed in house at the Southport Eco Centre.

Download and extract using WinRAR or 7-ZIP, available for Windows only: