All you need to know about new social media app ‘tbh’

You’ve heard of Snapchat and Instagram, but have you ever heard of ‘tbh’?

It’s a new(ish) social networking app, that stands for ‘to be honest’, and is described as ‘an app that encourages young people to be nice to each other’.

It’s only been available to download in full for just over two months, only in the USA and only in certain states.

But it’s already showing signs of becoming very popular with more than 5 million downloads so far!

BBC Technology reporter Dave Lee says tbh’s achievement has been creating an anonymous app without trolling and harassment – something many apps before it have failed to do.

Social media giant Facebook liked it so much, they’ve bought it for around $100m (£75m).

So how does it work?

Here’s the deal…

With Snapchat and Instagram it’s all about the pics, the filters, and the stories.

When it comes to tbh, it’s all about voting.

Basically the app might ask you a question, for example, which of your friends is: “best to bring to a party?”

Once you’ve added your friends on tbh, the app will give you a list of four names.

You choose who (in this particular example) would be best to bring to a party, by tapping on their name.

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