Rainbow Education Multi Academy Trust
Knowledge-Rich Curriculum

Wider Curriculum
At the Rainbow Education Multi Academy Trust, we promote a knowledge-rich curriculum that serves
key principles of cognitive science regarding the importance of knowledge within children’s education.
As has been shown by scientific research, factual knowledge is essential to the development of
reading comprehension, decision making, problem solving and subject-specific skills. A look at this
list makes us realise that it is not only at the heart of children’s general learning but central to their
creative thinking and development. Add to this the fact that those who are rich in knowledge will gain
new knowledge quicker, and we can see the importance of children acquiring factual knowledge.
Knowledge Organisers
As part of the development of a knowledge-rich curriculum, we use ‘knowledge organisers’ to help
children learn the essential knowledge they need for each topic they study. These documents set out
key terms, meanings and information that we expect the majority of children to be able to recall by the
end of the topic. To help them achieve this, the ‘knowledge organisers’ will be sent home for revision
as part of weekly homework and used as the basis for ‘retrieval quizzes’ within lessons.
It is also useful for children to revise previous ‘knowledge organisers’ so that the information from prior
topics is not forgotten.