This year we have decided to work on innovating five things each term as a way of improving our school systems. Each member of staff is allocated to a different team and is involved in researching best practice, leading staff development sessions and monitoring the impact of the innovations. Here are our innovation projects for the spring term:

Vision: #CroxtethASPIRES

Achievement for all

Success for all

Perseverance for all

Inclusion and equality for all

Respect and tolerance for all

Excellence for all

Self belief

Priorities for the Term (2/3 )
Mission: To ensure that our children are happy, safe and well educated. Teaching and learning Behaviour Leadership Environment Pupil Well Being/Attendance
Core Values: Respect, Friendship, Kindness, Hope, Resilience, Courage To enhance the children’s speaking and listening skills To improve the behaviour during lunch and break-time. To develop the role of subject leaders. To develop the quality of display across school to ensure it is consistent and both supports and celebrates children’s learning To provide more support for pupil well being.