Nao (pronounced now) is an autonomous, programmable humanoid robot who visited our school during ICT week. Nao is used for education and research programmes in universities around the world. Check the video below to see Nao introduce himself! You can read more about Nao on Wikipedia.

Pie Corbertt

I.C.T. Week wasn’t all about e-Safety, but using and learning new and old I.C.T. skills to produce good work. Year 5 used iMovie on the iPad to record and edit their videos, adding a news style twist. Pie Corbett is an English educational writer and poet. The children of Year 5 interviewed a pupil acting the role of Pie Corbett, who was asked questions about his recent visit to Liverpool.


Year 5 created PuppetPals animated stories surrounding the topic of e-Safety using iPad. They created short stories and recorded voice overs using characters within the PuppetPals app or using a photograph of themselves as the characters of their story.


The children at Croxteth Primary have been learning about e-Safety during I.C.T. Week and how to stay safe when using the Internet or other devices that are used for communication. They created posters outlining the do’s and don’ts of using the Internet and electronic devices. Some children also learned about the rating systems used for games (PEGI, ESRB), movies and television and music – why they’re used – and what is appropriate for their age.

During the week, children had discussion groups, where they talked about the dangers of sharing information publicly and talking to people you don’t know online – and the reasons why they think some websites have age restrictions for registration and why certain games have age limitations.

The girls in this video from year 3-4 recorded themselves having a Question and Answer session, highlighting some of the questions they had heard in a E-Safety video. Below are links to various E-Safety videos that were shown during the week:

Below are some examples of E-Safety posters from different year groups throughout the school:


Reception used the Bee-Bot robots during ICT Week. The Bee-Bots are useful to teach children angles and distance. You program the Bee-Bots to rotate (freely up to 360 degrees) and move forward or backwards a certain amount of cm's. Using a play-mat that had images of obstacles and roads, the children navigated around. Some of the children used the Bee-Bot app for iPad.


Year 2 were learning about the history of toys. They made timelines and posters of toys from the past. Below you can see examples of posters some children made – about old toys and new toys! Some children also created e-Safety posters.

Solar System

Year 6 were learning about the Solar System. Each child was assigned with a planet to research and create a PowerPoint or iBook (currently unavailable) that featured lots of information, facts, pictures and videos about their research planet. Below is an example of their work: