Design & Technology

During the first week back following half term, the children in our school were involved in a D&T week.

A Bridge too far!

The children in Phase 3 (5/6) received a letter from Lancashire County Council asking them to design a model bridge which could serve tourists across the area of Rivington. The children worked collaboratively to research different types of bridges. From their initial ideas they planned, designed and constructed bridges which they talked about and showed in assembly. The children were able to evaluate their own and each other’s work and put the bridges on display around school for other children to enjoy.

You can read more about Phase 3's trip to Rivington Pike on their class page!

The Rainbow Fish

Leapfrog created rainbow fish, creating their own aquarium outside the Leapfrog Room. They used different materials to decorate their fish, all unique in their scales!

Continents & Oceans

In our D&T week in Phase 1 we worked in pairs to design and create a boat. Our aim was to create a boat that floated, was waerproof and looked like a boat.

We tested the different materials to see if they met this criteria. We remembered to follow our designs when crafting our boats. Finally, we teated our boats to see if they would float or sink.

We had lots of fun and learned important lessons about design work.