This is the introductory text for Year 4. More interesting text will appear here soon…

Year 4 Blog

Year 4 PE – Dance

Year 4 performed some dance phases based on movements used in football.  

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International Women’s Day

Rosa Parks was a black woman who played an important part in the American Civil Rights movement. She made changes to make….

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Year 4 – Performing Image Poems

We read, rehearsed then performed a poem in front of our class. It was important to remember to use clear voices and….

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South America

  Our Spring topic is South America. Year 4 are  looking in depth at Brazil; we made fantastic information booklets all about….

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Ancient Egypt Trip

  In the Autumn term, year 4 enjoyed learning about Ancient Egypt. We had a wonderful visit to the World Museum to….

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Year 4 – First Blog Post

This is the first Blog Post for Year 4 – Something more useful will be along soon. Here is an interesting image….

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