Welcome to our Y4 class page! Our Y4 teacher is Mrs Porter.


Here are our expectations for what pupils should be able to do by the end of Y4…

Y4 Expectations


My memories of this school year...

Make your title eye-catching so that the reader wants to read on.
  • Make your title eye-catching so that the reader wants to read on.
  • Use your first name and first initial of your surname.

Year 4 Blog

Roman Project Home tasks

Half termly homework Homework_The Romans project_Autumn1 

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Year 4 PE – Dance

Year 4 performed some dance phases based on movements used in football.  

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International Women’s Day

Rosa Parks was a black woman who played an important part in the American Civil Rights movement. She made changes to make….

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Year 4 – Performing Image Poems

We read, rehearsed then performed a poem in front of our class. It was important to remember to use clear voices and….

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South America

  Our Spring topic is South America. Year 4 are  looking in depth at Brazil; we made fantastic information booklets all about….

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Ancient Egypt Trip

  In the Autumn term, year 4 enjoyed learning about Ancient Egypt. We had a wonderful visit to the World Museum to….

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Year 4 – First Blog Post

This is the first Blog Post for Year 4 – Something more useful will be along soon. Here is an interesting image….

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